As the only end-to-end farming solution provider in the world, AGCO delivers what farmers need to be successful. We offer industry-leading, precision-agriculture solutions that include award-winning equipment, technology and support to meet a wide range of challenges throughout the entire farming value chain. The results enable farmers to produce food more profitably and sustainably.

Our leading brands

Rear left photo of a Fendt branded machine at work, cutting crops.

Fendt is the leading high-tech brand within AGCO for customers who demand nothing but the best quality from machines and services. Fendt tractors and harvesting machines work around the globe, both on professional farms and in non-agricultural applications. Customers benefit from innovative technology to improve performance, efficiency and profitability. Using resource-friendly solutions from Fendt helps farmers and contractors worldwide to work in a sustainable way.

A completely new seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario incorporates a range of innovations, including the Fendt VarioDrive driveline, composed of the newest family of AGCO Power 7.5-litre CORE75 engines and the newest generation of the Vario transmission and FendtONE drivers’ workplace. Designed to meet global requirements, the Fendt 700 Vario offers a high-performance range of up to 283 hp, a 60-inch track width, excellent maneuverability from the innovative Concentric Air System, fuel efficiency, and the Fendt VarioGrip tire-pressure control system. The capabilities of this innovative and flexible tractor are reflected in awards such as the Farm Machine 2023 and Tractor of the Year 2023.

With the newly designed Fendt Katana 850, Fendt is entering the 800hp+ forage harvester market. Innovations such as the revised and optimized crop flow, which boosts throughput and chop quality. Other features include the reversible fan with variable fan-blade-pitch technology, and a new 12-row header that provides high efficiency and output. The powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine offers torque and a range of features precisely matched to the requirements of a forage harvester.

Fast and precise baling is key to good fodder quality, while weight and moisture information simplifies the billing of round bales. Fendt Rotana Xtra models now offer features such as moisture analysis and automated stopping after binding, as well as automated bale ejection to reduce downtime in the field, so that farmers can keep working efficiently while accessing information on the quality of the bales. The Fendt Rotana is the first round baler on the market with a reliable and calibration-free bale weighing system.

An ariel photo of a farm and it's outbuildings.

Grain & Protein is built on brands committed to helping farmers, managers and integrators nourish a growing population by preserving more of the grain they produce and optimizing conditions for healthy livestock production. It is driven by five key brands: Cimbria®, GSI®, Automated Production® (AP), Cumberland® and Tecno®. The brands drive productivity for customers globally through smart and reliable grain and protein solutions to ensure food security, sustainability and animal welfare.

Farmers work all year to maximize the yield of high-quality grain. But maximizing yield doesn’t stop at the combine. It’s a challenge to manage grain stored across multiple sites with a variety of systems. GSI GrainVue helps farmers and commercial operators easily monitor and manage grain storage, enabling them to remotely track moisture, temperature, CO2 and inventory. That means they can detect early signs of spoilage, before it becomes a big problem. GrainVue’s automated fan control makes it easy to dry, cool, or rehydrate stores of grain with the touch of a button. GrainVue eliminates guesswork and helps customers protect the yields they work hard for.

AP’s Pit Stick pit-monitoring system provides swine producers with precise, real-time data on manure pit levels, so they can plan their pumping schedule more efficiently and know exactly how much storage they have left. The system consists of a pressure sensor, a controller and a smart stick that’s inserted into the pit to measure manure levels—a process traditionally done via measuring tape or ordinary stick. The technology provides farmers with insights into weekly or monthly storage usage, while alerting them to excessive soaking and large water leaks, even when the farmer is off-site. Pit Stick can be operated as a stand-alone system, or can be connected to AP’s EDGE barn controller to provide automated updates and alerts. The system earned a 2023 ASABE AE50 award for engineering excellence and innovation.

Side view of a smaller tractor, pulling a bailing machine through a field

Massey Ferguson offers a straightforward and dependable experience providing the best value for farmers around the world. Massey Ferguson® has earned the loyalty of farmers by leveraging an innate knowledge of the land, the farm, the machines, and equipment needed to get the job done. Massey Ferguson® has been a trusted partner of farmers for 175 years of innovation.

The MF 1842S is a new addition to the Small Square Baler line, alongside the MF 1840. The MF 1842S has been developed to meet the demands of customers requiring a super heavy-duty, high-capacity small square baler that can meet the need for significant additional feeding capacity, output, and density. This new, high-capacity square baler shares the key features of the MF 1840 that have made the model so successful. These include the in-line layout that ensures consistent crop flow, a large pick-up that’s even wider than MF 1840’s, and compact dimensions for greater maneuverability.

The new MF 3 Specialty series is the perfect solution for specialist producers who need a powerful and economical tractor that efficiently performs a wide range of tasks while reducing running costs. Delivering higher performance, the tractors combine comfort and straightforward operation with new flagship power of up to 120hp to perform the most demanding tasks. A new Eco 30F/15R transmission with PowerShuttle and Speedshift offers a wide choice of speeds to perfectly match all operations. With a top speed of 40km/h at lower engine speeds, the MF 3 runs quietly while saving fuel. For maximum versatility Massey Ferguson offers six versions in five models from 75hp to 120hp, with numerous options to precisely suit different requirements.

The unique MF IDEALdrive joystick steering system is now available as a replacement for the steering wheels on the MF IDEAL 7, MF IDEAL 8 and MF IDEAL 9 TrakRide combine harvesters.  Offering unprecedented visibility and control, MF IDEALdrive has been proven to greatly improve operator comfort and productivity. Studies at Aalborg University in Denmark found that productivity increases 6% using the IDEALdrive joystick compared to conventional steering systems, reducing operator steering workload by 65%. The joystick places the controls usually clustered on the steering wheel or column right at the operator’s fingertips. Buttons on the top of the steering joystick operate turn signals in road mode, and row-finder lights in field mode, while buttons on the back engage the guidance, dim high-beams, and sound the horn. Intuitive and easy to operate, the joystick provides precise control with variable resistance that’s proportional to forward speed and steering angle. A ‘Return to center’ feature ensures the joystick is recentered when the operator lets it go, straightening the wheels.

Close up of a ReClaim ™ device, attached to the inside of a tractor cab.

Precision Planting provides practical and effective precision agriculture technologies to help farmers continuously improve their operations. Precision Planting focuses on developing smart products that improve planting, liquid application, harvest, and spraying operations on farms across the world.

Radicle Agronomics completely changes the way soil testing is conducted. The innovation starts with sample gathering that enables tagging samples with GeoPress and GeoTubes that can be mounted to an ATV or placed side-by-side. Samples are then transferred to the new Radicle Lab right in the agronomist's or consultant’s shop for fast and automatic analysis. An all-new software platform then delivers actionable insights into field fertility.

ReClaim’s boom-recirculation technology adds waste-free boom priming and cleanout to existing sprayers. Compatible with a range of makes and models, pull type or self-propelled, ReClaim helps growers better steward their resources and the environment without requiring a new implement purchase. With a flip of the switch, growers can ensure there is no wasted product and that the boom system is clean when switching herbicides.

The Blockage Expansion Module (BXM) is a new component that unlocks the value of the 20|20 monitoring system on air seeders, drills, and other granular applications. By connecting seeding and granular blockage sensors to the 20|20 monitoring system through the BXM, growers can now view new metrics that bring increased visibility to the performance of their seeding and granular application implements. Not only can growers increase the productivity of their seeding and granular application equipment, but they increase the value and flexibility of their 20|20 display.

A ground level photo of two tractors plowing a field, lit by a dramatic sky.

Valtra stands out in the industry with easy-to-use, highly customizable tractors, offering reliability, durability, versatility and high-tech smart features that have made it a pace-setting brand in Europe, South America and other regions, across a wide range of applications.

With up to 305 hp, a smooth and efficient CVT transmission, fully integrated smart farming technology, and exceptional comfort, the Q Series offers the perfect combination of power and precision for large farms and agricultural contractors. Backed by the expert knowledge and service of Q Certified dealers, Q Series customers benefit from a favorable total cost of ownership.

Valtra Unlimited Vision-based Intelligent Electronic Warnings, or VIEW, is a new feature released for the 10-year anniversary of Valtra Unlimited. VIEW is a camera-based support system that increases safety both in traffic and on the field. The system enlists AI technology to automatically detect traffic crossing in front of the tractor when driving with front implements. VIEW displays three views—left, right, and rear camera perspectives—automatically switching to the rear camera when the tractor is reversing.

Section Control 96 can control up to 96 sections of ISOBUS-compatible implements to save time, fuel, and at least 5% on inputs. The Multiboom feature can simultaneously control up to three different booms of front and rear-mounted implements, fully automatically. Section Control 96 is offered as a free upgrade to customers already operating Section Control 36 on 5th and 4th generation Valtra tractors.