Passion for farmers’ success and the vital work they do to feed our growing population is at the core of who we are as a business. We listen carefully to farmers to understand their challenges, and then place those challenges at the center of our approaches to service, innovation and distribution.

Providing farmers with exceptional customer experiences that live up to our brands’ promises is key to connecting with farmers and building brand loyalty. We actively seek and respond to farmer feedback to optimize each element of the ownership cycle, from purchase consideration to replacement. Our solutions are backed by the parts, service, support and education farmers count on to keep their operations running smoothly season after season.

Our smart solutions give farmers the tools they need to succeed and thrive. We leverage the innovation and know-how of our global brands to develop solutions that help farmers make more informed decisions that improve yield, improve efficiency, and minimize inputs. Our innovation is well-recognized in the industry, with AGCO brands winning a full 20 percent of the AE50 awards in 2022.

Making it easy for farmers to do business with our brands remains a priority, and our dealers play an important role in helping us achieve this vision. Working together with our dealers, we are continuing to optimize our online presence and tools to enhance farmers’ experiences of our brands outside the dealership.